Short Courses

Short Courses


The following topics are normally of interest to the average marketing professional:


  • computer courses – these courses clearly assisted in operating any marketing outfit. These courses range from basic sending of emails all the way to advanced computer assisted drawing applications.
  • risk management courses – A marketing business like any other business needs to focus on the risks of doing business. A full eneterprise risk management program needs to be considered in any marketing business. This includes risk identification, risk mitigation, control development and finally residual risk determination.
  • health and safety courses – employees are an integral part of any organization. A focus on health and safety is essential part of proper business.
  • short courses – all the courses above are considered short courses.
  • bookkeeping courses – these courses are essential for the management of the “books of a company”
  • secretarial courses – PA and secretaries play a vital role in the organization in terms of saving time and optimizing process so that management can perform there work more effectively,
  • courses – see short courses above.
  • payroll courses – all employees work to get paid. This courses teaches the fundamental of how to manage payroll.
  • ict training – See PC training above.
  • human resource management courses – HR is key to any organization.
  • events management courses – whether it is running a small marketing campaign to and an advanced event, this skill will allow you to undertake proper events management,
  • financial management courses – any organization needs to make a profit. In order to assist with the above proper financial skills are required. This includes skills to analyze Income statement and balance sheets.
  • event management courses – see above.


A marketing company like any other company is a business and people have to be trained and efficient in order to maximize profits. Above is but a few examples of the importance of various skills in a marketing business.




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