HR Training and Marketing

HR Training and Marketing


It is essential to combine HR Training with Marketing Training.

After all the Human Resources of an organisation are one of the most important assets of an organisation.

Example of Human Resources training ( HR Training and Marketing are presented below.


HR Training and Marketing


Advanced Interpersonal Skills  , – In todays world the marketing professional needs to have excellant interpersonal skills  ( HR Training and Marketing )


Business Ethics – A Practical Guide – This is an essnetial component of marketing as ethics plays a greater role. ( HR Training and Marketing )


Chairing Disciplinary Hearings and Conflict Management are essential training in order to manage poor performing employees in marketing environment,

Developing Positive Assertiveness ( HR Training and Marketing )


Handling Difficult People & Situations – every day the marketing professional is faced with difficult people.

HIV/AIDS Workplace Management Training
Human Resources Management and LabourRelations Training CourseLabour Relations & Law FundamentalsLeadership and People Management Training CourseManagement And Leadership Development, Performance Management are other key skills needed.

Stress Management – deal with high stress levels.


The Consumer Protection Act Fundamentals – since marketing is intergrally involved with the consumer this is an essential skill.

Time Management Skills Training Course – tight deadlines will necessitate proper time management,. 

Ultimately marketing deals with people and teams and a broad range of interpersonal skills is required to deal with all these facts.  in addition an understanding of the labour laws and disciplinary procedures is essential to operate a successful marketing strategy,

HR Training and Marketing: Human resources and marketing are not that far apart.. A company needs to attract profitable customers to bring in high levels of profits and revenue, but obtaining high talent is essential for any company. Whenever you’re need people to assist you  or work after hours you need to be in a position where you are dealing with a top and motivated workforce.


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